Welcome to Shut Up, Hank!, a comic book collective.

This site began as an off-shoot of it’s big sister, Whimsical Pictures, where I have my manga and doujinshi collected. My comic book collection is nowhere as big and this site has less need for purchasing guides and glossaries as the production of comics is mostly in English. It started in 2014 and pretty much sat empty, but that’s all changing as I update my collection. I hope one day for it to be a repository of my comics and artbooks with reviews and guides as well as a way to remind me what books I have already in case I buy doubles.

About the Site

See this guy here? His name is Henry “Hank” Pym. He’s the original Ant-Man who debuted in 1962. You might recognise the name as the character Michael Douglas played in the film. In the comics, he’s one of the founding members of the Avengers and married to Janet van Dyne, the Wasp. I hate him.

My deep-set dislike for his character isn’t from one awful moment, more like dozens of little ones. Or not-so-little ones like the time he angrily struck out, hitting his wife and not seeming to feel any sort of remorse for it. He created his giant alter-ego, Goliath, because he felt inadequate and insecure compared to the more-powerful Avengers like Iron Man and Thor. In Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, he’s portrayed as coming from a rich background like Tony and also being a scientist, competes for seemingly no reason over petty things. And he created Ultron, the sentient robot hell-bent on destroying the Avengers and murders untold billions across the galaxy (I will never forgive the MCU for dumping that pile of garbage on Tony instead). And the reason he made Ultron? To make himself look tough in front of the Avengers by “defeating” Ultron in front of them all.  W o w.

So when it came time to name the site that would collect my comics, there was one phrase that sprang to mind as being the one thing I would say out loud while reading: Oh, shut up, Hank!